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Kenneth E. Miller, "War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love and Resilience"

Big Blue Marble welcomes Kenneth E. Miller, an international expert on the impact of armed conflict on civilians and his new book War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love and Resilience.

With some 200 million people affected by armed conflict or genocide, refugees are appearing in record numbers. War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love and Resilience is timely in the way it brings us intimately into the lives of civilians who have survived wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. Alongside stories that convey the destruction and heartbreak of armed conflict, psychologist Kenneth Miller captures the courage and resilience he calls “a remarkable kind of light,” an essential counterpoint to the grief and trauma that war creates. The stories in War Torn are powerful, heart-wrenching, and unforgettable.