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On Sundays We Write: Unleashing the Creative Flow with Rebekah Erev

On Sundays We Write is a twice-monthly series of writing classes from some of Philly's best teachers. Each class is $20 and pre-registration is required.

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Remember when you were a kid and you wrote, drew, danced and sang for the pure joy of it?

You were free of the talons of capitalism. You had an inescapable desire to create and this part of you never died! Believe it or not, it's still here. It’s your animalistic nature, the ache and longing to express yourself. The stories of your life reveal this creativity. There aren't just certain people who have an interesting story to tell, everyone does. Everyone has access to the creative energy moving in the universe. It's in you, there's no escaping it.

Through learning to tap into the stories of our lives, this workshop will teach a process that allows you to access that state of flow, some call the 'zone,' that existed in you as a child. We will use meditation and journaling exercises based on Ira Progoff's, At a Journal Workshop and teachings from Lynda Barry and Marilyn Frasca. The Moon Angels will also be our helpers. And we'll learn from each other's stories.

You will leave this class with concrete skills and exercises to tap into your creative flow at any time. I'm not kidding.

Please note: This class is for anyone: people unidentified as artists, established working artists of all mediums (writers, dancers, musicians) and hobby artists. It is a low pressure, accepting environment.