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Ngozi Ukazu, "Check Please: #Hockey"

Ngozi Ukazu's Check Please is a web comic, a real Twitter feed from the imaginary main character, and now a book - a whole multi-media world about a white gay southern pie-baking teen who goes off to play hockey at a small New England college, created by the daughter of Nigerian immigrants who grew up in Atlanta, went to Yale, and doesn't herself even know how to skate.

But we bet we had you at hockey. Or pie-baking. Or gay teen who goes off to play hockey. The fandom for Ukazu's world is vast, and as soon as you open this book you'll join it.

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The plot of Check, Please! follows Eric "Bitty" Bittle, vlogger and (initially) freshman student at the fictional Samwell University, a Massachusetts private university. Formerly a figure skating champion, Eric landed a scholarship hrough a co-ed ice hockey game after sending in film of his skating skills. The character joins the school's hockey team, and is an instant hit with his teammates due to his cheery personality, culinary skills, and kind nature. Check, Please! details his interactions with the hockey team as Bittle interacts with four players and the female team manager: a cocky man named Shitty, the inseparable friends Ransom and Holster, stern and skilled team captain Jack, and sarcastic team manager Lardo. Meanwhile, Eric has to navigate his own sexuality due to his budding crush on Jack and eventual relationship with him. The webcomic follows the four years Eric spends at Samwell University in "real-time", and the plot focuses on events such as coming, school stress, collegiate and professional athletics, and graduation.

The story of Check, Please! is told through Eric's narration, though the webcomic features short intermissions titled "Hockey Shit with Ransom and Holster", in which characters explain the rules and terminology of hockey in a humorous manner. Each page of Check, Please! may be in a different art style, depending on what Ukazu sees fit. Ukazu provides a variety of extra content through her Tumblr, answering readers' questions to the characters of the webcomic through short response comics. Check, Please! pages are aligned horizontally, as to imitate the look of online videos appropriate for Eric's vlogs.

Ukazu created a Twitter account for her character Eric. Between updates, "Eric" writes tweets to fans of his vlog, an element Ukazu uses to interact with her readers and expand the narrative of the webcomic.

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