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Jenny Slate, "Little Weirds"

Step into Jenny Slate's wild, luminous, unfiltered imagination in this "magical" (Mindy Kaling), "delicious" (Amy Sedaris), and "poignant" (John Mulaney) collection about love, heartbreak, and being alive.

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Hello! I looked into my brain and found a book. Here it is. Inside you will find:

  • The smell of honeysuckle

  • Depression

  • A French-kissing rabbit

  • A haunted house

  • Death

  • A vagina singing sad old songs

  • Young geraniums in an ancient castle

  • Birth

  • A dog who appears in dreams as a spiritual guide

  • Divorce

  • Emotional horniness

  • The ghost of a sea captain

  • And more

I hope you enjoy these little weirds.


Jenny Slate