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We know that readers sometimes come to us with specific needs, especially around looking for books for kids. Our staff loves creating resource lists - if you're looking for a topic you don't see here, let us know!


Children's books Celebrating Adoptive and Foster Families

On this list you'll find books featuring families that have grown through adoption and/or foster care. Domestic and international, fiction and nonfiction, human and nonhuman, adoption from birth and new homes for older kids. There's a section for stories, a section for books celebrating families in general, and a list of links to further resources.



On this list you'll find books for pre-k through young adult that address issues of growing up biracial or multiracial, as well as issues around who is perceived as family. Some feature multiracial families; some feature strong interracial friendships. Others celebrate the wide diversity of skin tones and other physical features among people of different races and cultures.

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On Immigration and Refugees: Books for Kids and Teens

In the wake of the new president's unethical halt on immigration from select Muslim-majority countries, we've compiling some beautiful and inspiring books that focus, first, on exactly those populations -- Muslim people and/or refugees from the Middle East. They are joined by other books that focus on immigration and different cultures. 


QUILTBAG Books for Kids and Teens

QUILTBAG is an up-and-coming, more inclusive, more pronounceable (which is to say, an acronym rather than an abbreviation) moniker encompassing diversity in gender and sexuality. it glosses as Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender / Transsexual, Bisexual, Allied/Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer. (some lists include Unidentified and Two-Spirit.)

Because many customers are searching specifically for books on trans/genderqueer/gender questioning kids and youth, we have moved those books to their own list.


Trans/Genderqueer/Intersex/Gender Nonconforming Books for Kids and Teens

Because so many of our customers are looking for books about trans/intersex/gender issues for kids and teens, we've created this new list. The books are listed in order by the year they were published, so we can track changes across the years.