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We love events! We host readings, author visits, book clubs, community groups, literary festivals, story times, game nights, D&D, and more.

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Creating Successful Events at Big Blue Marble

We are a hyper-local bookstore, so successful events are ones with significant connections to our customer base. Our customers live in zip codes 19119, 19144, and 19118. Authors who have connections to a more general “Philadelphia” or “Pennsylvania” connections will not draw an audience here.

Like all small bookstores, we are a curated collection. Events that do well match our customers’ interests: literary fiction, progressive politics, feminism, LGBTQ adults/kids, poetry, and Northwest Philadelphia politics and history. We don’t have an audience for military books, non-local history, or non-local memoirs. We have a Diversity Statement that expresses our values and which all potential authors have to agree to respect.

We LOVE partnerships. We like to match up authors whose work is alike, or whose work is very different but complementary. We love matching events with nonprofit or community organizations, including fund-raising. We love panels, interactive elements, or any other ways of engaging audience members so events are more than just readings. Wow us with your inventive proposals!

We do events for many authors with self-published books: sometimes these are our most successful events. We also reject many, many events for self-published books because the books are not good quality. We look for: good writing, evidence of professional editing, quality book and cover design, and, in the case of picture books, professional, high-quality illustrations. We are proud of the books we have on our shelves, and don’t want to stock books that are not the quality we expect.

We absolutely can not do events for books published through Amazon. Bookstores don’t pay retail price for the books we sell, so we cannot buy from “publishers” that don’t offer discounts. Also, Independent Bookstores are not at all swayed by arguments about a book being a “bestseller” online - the sales numbers that matter to us are from the ABA, because those numbers come from our industry. We also consider market saturation for events - if all of your friends in the area have already bought the book online there is very little reason to host an event in a store, so “online sales” are not great markers for offline events.